Cesspit Emptier and Jetting unite

Babel Cesspit Emptier and Jetting unite is an ideal and versatile system for the handling of sewage, sludge and slurry, industrial effluents (waste oil and chemicals) handling, street washing and for agricultural application of vacuum collection.

a. Cesspit Emptier 20000 L
b. Cesspit Emptier 16000 L
c. Cesspit Emptier 10000 L
d. Cesspit Emptier 8000 L
e. Jetting 16000 L
f. Jetting 10000 L
g. Jetting 8000 L
h. Jetting (Industrial vacuum) 15000 L
i. Cesspit Emptier & Jetting (combined system) 13000 L

And much more to suit your required specification.